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Attic Insulation

The attic is one of the most critical spaces in the entire home. Though most people use their attic for storage, it is also the most focal point where air flows in and out of the home. With an improperly insulated attic, you could be costing yourself in more ways than you know.

For starters, without spray foam insulation in Lethbridge, you could be costing yourself hundreds in energy costs. Air that can flow in and out of the attic just makes it harder for your HVAC system to control temperatures in your home. The harder the HVAC system works, the more money you burn through in energy costs.

But that isn’t all! With inefficient insulation, there is more of a chance for contaminants to enter the home. Debris, dust, dirt, dander, and moisture have greater odds of getting into your home, lowering the air quality as a result. That’s not even mentioning the potential for mold growth, which can have long-lasting health implications.

Finally, there is the matter of keeping unwanted guests out of your home. Gaps and inefficiencies in insulation can be a welcome entrance for bugs, spiders, and even small rodents to enter. When they get into your home, there is no telling the kind of damage that it can cause. Upgrading to spray foam insulation in Lethbridge creates a vapor barrier, essentially locking all of those factors out for good.

Crawl Space

Having a crawl space in this day and age is a hit or miss proposition. For those who do, it is often a space for storage and tends to be forgotten about with time. Unfortunately, this also leads to improper care, particularly when it comes to insulation.

Though it may not seem like a big deal, declining to upgrade to spray foam insulation in Lethbridge can leave you susceptible to all of the issues laid out above. If anything, it can invite more opportunity given the proximity of crawl spaces to the ground.

The last thing that you want to do is ignore your insulation and invite all sorts of problems into your home. By simply upgrading to spray foam insulation in Lethbridge, you can keep your home protected from contaminants, pests, and energy inefficiencies.


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Why to Have the Pros Involved

It is quite common for homeowners to tackle a litany of projects on their own. After all, there is nothing quite like saving a few bucks while learning a new skill. When it comes to spray foam insulation in Lethbridge, however, it is always recommended to involve the pros.

Why do you need professional intervention? Let’s take a closer look at the biggest reasons to have a professional like Spraytek Insulation handle your installation of spray foam insulation in Lethbridge.

Proper Safety

The single most important reason to have a professional handle your installation of spray foam insulation in Lethbridge is due to safety. Older insulation, particularly fiberglass, can be quite hazardous to handle, let alone breathe in.

Homeowners often choose the cheapest materials possible, and inexpensive protective equipment may leave them vulnerable to potential respiratory problems. Save yourself the time, hassle, and risk by having a professional not only remove the old insulation but handle the installation of spray foam insulation in Lethbridge.

Financing Options Available

Save Time

While it may technically be possible to install your own spray foam insulation in Lethbridge, there is little doubt that it will take far longer. Most people don’t have an extensive knowledge of insulation, how to handle it, the setbacks, etc.

Only the professionals have both the knowledge and tools to perform the installation in the proper manner. They also know where and how to do things, cutting down on the time spent on the installation. That means less interruption in your life and less hassle along the way.

Peace of Mind

Perhaps the most important reason to invest in a professional installation of spray foam insulation in Lethbridge is peace of mind. You want to know that you are getting that spray foam installed in the proper manner without any lingering questions.

Sure, a DIY effort might save a few bucks along the way, but can you be certain that it was done the right way? Even hiring a cheap professional, you will have that question in the back of your mind about the quality of work being performed.

For spray foam insulation in Lethbridge, ensure the job is done correctly. This allows the insulation to provide improved efficiency, structural integrity, sound reduction, and greater monthly energy savings.

Spraytek is Your Expert for Spray Foam Insulation in Lethbridge

Still not sure whether spray foam insulation in Lethbridge is the right move for you? Talk to the team at Spraytek today to find out how you can benefit from making the change. You may be shocked to see how inefficient your home is and how a change of insulation can be truly beneficial.

Before long, you will see just how much spray foam insulation in Lethbridge can impact your home. It is a change that can improve the structural integrity, efficiency, and quality of your home for decades to come. Make the change today.

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